Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter: Properties, Benefits & Substitutes

Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter : Properties, Benefits & Substitutes


What is yellow sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is consider to be one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world that is regard with high value. It is associate with Jupiter and can be used to enhance the positive attributes of the planet.  Its  improve the quality of life to a great extent. Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter : Properties, Benefits & Substitutes

Benefits Of yellow sapphire

Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your relationships, your career, your social life, your personal health. and well being or education, you can wear yellow sapphire to obtain a positive and rewarding life.

It is due to this reason that plenty of people prefer to wear yellow sapphire for improving the quality of their lives. In many cases, people do achieve material success without much of true happiness. However, the power of Yellow Sapphire helps to make sure that a person is genuinely happy with his or her life.

When you start wearing the Pukhraj stone, you will find that your life has seriously turn out to be better for you. Not only you will be able to find opulence and live in luxury. But you will also be able to find greater connection with the things that you are a part of in your day to day life.

Properties of yellow sapphire

While using the yellow sapphire gemstone, it is very important for you to remember. that all stones are not create equally and some of them are stronger than the others. There can be some stones that are filled up with numerous inclusions that make them highly unsuitable for astrology.

If you are looking to obtain the best results  it should be completely free from any kind of inclusions. That are apparent to the naked eye. The best shade for a yellow sapphire gemstone is between rich golden yellow to light lemon yellow.

The richer is the shade of the yellow sapphire, the more strong and powerful the stone is going to be. Additionally, the yellow sapphire stone should not be treated with heat under any circumstances.  This eventually makes it lose its power to bestow good luck on the wearer.

When you are looking to get a Pukhraj gemstone for your personal use. You should get a product that weighs a minimum 2 carats if you are looking to attain any kind of positive benefits.

Substitutes of Yellow sapphire

If you are not able to get a yellow sapphire, you can still get a topaz. As it can provide you with the same kind of benefits. As it can work as a good replacement stone. While buying a topaz, you should focus on getting a larger size since this will ensure the maximum benefits in terms of astrology.

Nevertheless, it is always better to start looking for a smaller size stone at the beginning. As this can help you to make sure that the stone adheres to strictest quality parameters. The yellow sapphire stone is usually fit on a gold ring and worn on the index finger. However, you can wear it as a pendant as well. Make sure that you strictly follow the guidelines of wearing the ring as told by your astrologer.

The overall power and weight of the stone. That you need to wear can be prescribe to you by your astrologer. Who will consider your birth chart before recommending you the same.


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