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What are the 5 Astrological Gemstones?

Human beings are governed by the nine planets of the universe. The ruling planet of any individual depends on his birth chart. The daily life of an individual is affected by the movement of the planets.

Gemstones are known to be directly related to the planets. When worn by an individual, either as a ring or pendant, these gemstones absorb and radiate energy and has a therapeutic effect on the user.

Gemstones are found in abundance in its natural form in mines and in sea beds. These gemstones are excavated and processed and cut into various shapes and sizes for targeted usage.

Relation of stones with Planets

Astrological science has analyzed the effect of planetary positions on one’s physical and mental health. The movement of the nine planets regulates the natural activity, financial status, marital relationships, and destiny of human beings.

Based on the calculations related to birth chart and the ruling planets, astrologers prescribe appropriate gemstones to an individual. Correct weight of the stone and the right day and time to wear the stones are mandatory for achieving the desired result.

Different types of stones and their usage in astrology

There are numerous stones on planet earth but some stones stand out as far as their benefits are concerned. These stones are known to be recommended by astrologers and have a proven track record pf providing healing to its wearer.

Yellow sapphire is aligned to the planet Jupiter. When Jupiter planet is malefic, it brings financial misery, bad marital relationship. To counter its negative effect, yellow sapphire is worn as it is known to bring honor, fame, and knowledge to its user.

Yellow sapphire is commonly found in North America, China, Sri Lanka, Australia, and some part of Montana. It is recommended to wear a three to five-carat yellow sapphire in gold or silver ring in the first ring for beneficial effects.

• For protecting someone from negative reaction of Saturn, Blue Sapphire is considered to be the most effective remedy. It brings immediate effect and thus the wearer can get a quick result with regard to mental peace, success and health. The expensive sapphire is mined in Afghanistan, Thailand, China, and some other countries. One can wear the stone in the middle finger of the right hand on Saturday morning.

• The attraction of the Sun is considered a great fortune in Indian mythology. By wearing Ruby gemstone one can have the leadership qualities like the Sun and become successful in every battle of life. This Burmese stone is popular for its dark red color and very expensive as it has a rare source outside of Myanmar. Ruby is suggested for use in the ring finger of the right hand.

• The pearl gemstone has an association with the planet moon. Astrologers believe that the softness of pearls pacifies the human mind and bring happiness in love and family life. As lucrative ornaments and astrological purposes, pearl stone is one of the most popular stones.

This attractive stone is found in sea oysters, especially in India, Venezuela, and the Persian Gulf. To get the best result one should wear Moti Stone  in gold or silver ring on Monday morning.

• The planet Mercury is known as the prophet in Vedic astrology. To restore mental balance with profound inner energy, the Emerald gemstone is suggested. The wearer lives with a peaceful mind bestowed with the blessings of Mercury.

Emerald is commonly found in several countries all over the world. Astrologers advise people to wear emerald in the little finger of the working hand.

Apart from the benefits of wearing astrological gemstones, there are several disadvantages as well. One must wear a stone only after consulting an astrologer otherwise a wrong stone can have a counter effect.

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