Ruby The Beautiful Stone Of The Month July

Ruby: The Beautiful Stone Of The Month July

Ruby: The Beautiful Stone Of The Month July
Ruby: The Beautiful Stone Of The Month July

Ruby is heart-centered stones, which pretty much justifies the color it is popular in. The birthstone epitomizes the divine love of the creator and imbibes the same in the wearer.

Considered to be the precious gemstone of the creator, it is also the harbinger of wealth. Not just that, it also cures a number of ailments like sexual dysfunction and attracting new love.

Other uses of wearing Ruby the July birthstone

  1. It is the costliest gemstone worn for the sun, emitting red cosmic rays and infra-red radiations.  It also relieves one from sight problems and eye defects and ailments.
  2. Gemstone is also said to rule over bones, headaches, indigestion, fevers, and colic. In short, the wearer will be generally favored with good health, prosperity and good fortune.
  3. This helps in maintaining calm for personal and career success. It is the gemstone for passion and luck.
  4. It also helps in getting favors from state and government agencies. However, one has to work hard to achieve that goal.
  5. Ruby stone is considered to be an excellent assets to help defend one from psychic attacks of negative entities. It’s vibrations also act as a barrier between you and the people who try to steal your energy.
  6. If you wish to increase your intensity of lucid dream, place a ruby below to the pillow for best effects.

How to determine if the Ruby is original

1. The color:

Original ruby is dull in color while the synthetic ones are bright. Also, check for consistent and even coloring of the stone. However, they do have imperfections sometimes, which can be determined by expert gemologists.

2. The glass test:

Compare the color of the stone to a shard of glass. If the colors are similar then you might just be holding another piece of it. It is relatively common for dealers to fake rubies with shards of glass.

3. The scratch test:

Try to scratch the surface of the stone with a coin or something sharp. If there is a scratch, it is fake because rubies can get scratched only with a diamond.

4. Scratch it on other surfaces:

If the ruby scratches other rough or smooth surfaces, leaving a trail of color, there are chances that the stone is fake and is made from weaker materials.

5. Origin of Ruby gemstones

The countries that are the largest producers of rubies include Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, India, Cambodia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, the USA, and Vietnam. Burmese Rubie are considered best .


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