Precious Yellow Sapphire Gemstone's Complete Guide

Precious Yellow Sapphire Gemstone’s Complete Guide

Precious Yellow Sapphire Gemstone's Complete Guide
Precious Yellow Sapphire Gemstone’s Complete Guide

What Is Yellow Sapphire?

Only few people know that there are a variety of sapphires, that are found in different color and shades. The most popular yellow colored sapphire is yellow sapphire that is the most effective from an astrological perspective.

Normally a sapphire is formed from aluminium oxide in the mineral corundum. When the amount of iron in corundum is low, it gives a yellow color to the crystal and is called yellow gemstone.

Benefits Of  Yellow Sapphire

Of all the nine gems (navaratnas), this is considered the most beneficial and associated with the planet Jupiter. It is associated with the planet Jupiter.

It is popular because it brings financial well-being to the wearer, and also the other aspects of prosperity like fame, honor, success and also good health. Because of its association with Jupiter, which is considered the teacher among planets, that is why the yellow sapphire is considered the gemstone of knowledge and spirituality. Some of the other benefits associated with the yellow sapphire are:
• It Protection from evil. Happy conjugal life, especially for women. Helps in making the right judgment in a difficult situation.
• Provides mental peace, courage and happiness.
• It helps in the physical well-being of the wearer by acting against skin ailments, flatulence, dyspepsia, body fat etc.

How To Wear Yellow Sapphire

When you buy yellow sapphire, there the  are certain things to be kept in mind. If your age is less than 23 years, the yellow sapphire that you buy can be up to 5 Ratti (1 Ratti is around 122 milligrams as per ancient Ayurveda texts). But if you are older than that, it is recommended that you go for 5 to 7 Ratti. It is recommended that you mount the Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter : Properties, Benefits & Substitutes gemstone on a gold ring in such a way that the stone is in contact with your skin.

This gold ring with pukhraj stone must be worn for the first time on a Thursday of the Shukla Paksha between 6 am and 8 am. After buying yellow sapphire, mounted it on a gold ring. You must purify the gold gemstone studded ring before wearing it. This is done by dipping the ring in a mixture of curd, honey, milk, sugar and ghee.

After you bring it out from this mixture, you need to rinse the ring with holy water or water taken from the spiritual river. After this, sit on a yellow colored prayer mat (asana) facing Northeast direction (even East or North will do) and wear the ring while chanting Om Gum Guruve Namah 108 times.

On the day you wear the ring, you can donate something yellow to poor peoples (like the yellow colored thing to eat) which he can eat. If that is not convenient you can also give some money.

Origins Of Yellow Sapphire

All over the world, you will get several places to buy good quality. But for buying of gemstone online always trust in that place which provides you gemstone proper certification.

This is because  is commercially mined in several countries like Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Brazil, Africa, Tasmania, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Russia etc.  But the best combination of price and quality, the Sri Lankan yellow sapphires are the most popular in the world.

Japan, Mexico and England are some of the other countries which also have mines yellow sapphires.

How To Take Care of Yellow Sapphire

It is recommended that your  it will  cleaned once every 6 weeks or so. You could wash your gold ring with the yellow sapphire in a mild detergent solution with lukewarm water.

Try not to dip the ring and stone in soapy water that is too hot or too cold. Once done, dry it with a soft cloth. You should wear the ring again only when it has been completely dried.


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