Powerful Birthstones For August Month

Powerful Birthstones For August Month


Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel are three birthstones for the August month. Each of them has a unique significance of its own. Ideally, the August-born had just one Sardonyx.

How Sardonyx Birthstones Formed?

  • gemstone is also combination of bands of brownish red to brown to dark orange  alternate with typically white or black layers of onyx.
  • How-is-Sardonyx-Birthstones-Formed

    Roman soldiers wore the gemstone with the image of the planet Mars, the Gold of courage and valor, carve on it to protect the warriors in the battlefield.

  • However Gemstone is also associate with courage, happiness, and clear communication, bringing stability in marriage and partnership.
  • Above all,  Sardonyx can be traced throughout the world. The list includes countries like USA, India, Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, and Uruguay.

Peridot Birthstones And Its History

  • Peridot is also Substitute of Emerald Gemstone.
  • This believed to be the variety of the mineral olivine. .
  • Much vibrant color and texture, the gemstone also value in the ancient and medieval Europe.


  • Peridot stone

    found in several places on Earth and in some of the most exotic and deadliest locations are. Most of the Peridot, these days, come from China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States.

  • However it is note worthy, that peridots are the finest specimens in the world.

Spinel Birthstones And Its History

  • Firstly, Originate from the Latin word Spinel, meaning “thorns”, the gemstone has spike-like formation. Available in a variety of colors, ranging from intense red, pink, violet, purple, blue and even bluish green.
  • Secondly, Did you know? That the Ruby set in Great Britain’s Imperial State Crown is actually a Spinel, set above the 317.40 ct Culinary II diamond.
  • Spinel-Birthstones-And-Its-History

    Thirdly, One of the wonderful fact about Red Spinel is that, it is also remedy for all types of blood loss and inflammatory diseases.

  • Fourthly, It believe to ease anger and promote harmony. These found in Tajikistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Tanzania.

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