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Is Peridot The Substitute Of Emerald Stone?

There are a limited number of minerals prevails in the world which offers similar resemblance and characteristics. Emerald and Peridot stone are acknowledged to be identical stones. According to traditional beliefs, in ancient times people used to address peridot stone as “evening emerald. Owing to its close resemblance to the precious stone emerald; even the collection of Cleopatra stone is believed to be the “peridot stones.”

Peridot stone is considered to be the birthstone for the month of August. On similar lines, emerald is acknowledged to be the birthstone for the month of May.

Peridot stones are composed of silicate mineral, whereas, emerald stones are composed of the mineral beryl.

Apart from the differences mentioned above, there are several other differences prevails between these two auspicious minerals.

However, there are several similarities between these two stones. The first similarity is their blue color or shade. Second, the similarity is that these both stones have a traditional value such as the emerald is considered to be the birthstone of month May and peridot is the birthstone of the month of May.

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Since emerald is more expensive stone as compared to the peridot stone. Moreover, Emerald falls under the category of precious stone and peridot under the semi-precious stone.

Apart from the above similarities and differences, people often ask us this question is the peridot stone considered as the substitute of the stone emerald? The answer is “yes,” one can wear peridot stone as a substitute or alternative of the Emerald.


Both stones have the similar appearance and traditional values. Hence, wearing peridot stone as a replacement of the emerald stone will bring positive results in the life of its wearer. It also derives the metaphysical properties of the emerald stone in wearer life.

Often those people who can’t afford to buy emerald stone due to its high cost prefers peridot stone. However, buying online emerald stone is less expensive as compared to buying it from local shopkeepers. Similarly, buying peridot stone online will cost you less as compared to buying it offline.

It is believed that wearing green color peridot will compensate for the mercury blessed Emerald or Panna stone in the most optimum way. Yes, so all those who can’t afford expensive emerald stone can opt for beautiful and useful peridot stone.


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