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Pearl is an extremely beautiful gemstone that is associate with feminine beauty and elegance. They also carry the vibratory influence of the Moon . Therefore associate with dreams, visions, and mystery.

A pearl stone radiates great beauty . You can look dazzling for any social occasion when you choose to wear pearls. It is, therefore, no wonder that most women with a great sense of style prefer to buy pearl gemstone online and add them to their personal collection.

Here are some of the interesting facts about pearl that will make you love them even more.

Pearls Are Obtained From Living Organisms

Typically, gemstones occur as mineral crystals that form under the Earth’s crust due to volcanic pressure or other natural and chemical processes. On the other hand, pearl stone is not really a true mineral even though it is usually classified as a gemstone.

It is actually a composite of calcium carbonate or mineral calcite along with multiple layers of nacre. Which is the organic material produce by the mantle of an oyster.

While any kind of shell mollusks may create a pearl. Most of the precious nacre-cover pearls are produce in oysters

The mantle of an oyster produces the shell of the oyster. Thus converting food components into vital minerals. Nacre is a material that makes up the inside lining of a shell.

The Natural Gemstone

A natural pearl gemstone is produced when any foreign substance enters the space between the shell and mantle. Thus causing irritation in the mantle.

To protect itself from such irritation, the oyster covers the foreign substance with numerous layers of nacre. This is the process that gives rise to a pearl.

The Pearl’s Color mainly depends on the dominant shade of the shell from which it originates.

Conchiolin is a substance that works as an organic adhesive inside the shell which binds together the multiple layers of nacre. Conchiolin typically has a natural pigmentation that may have diverse hues like yellow, orange, pink, gray, green or blue.

These colors can get imbibe into the pearls which provide them with their characteristic color.

Black pearl

The black pearls obtain their dark shade from the well-known and definite form of Tahitian black-lipped oyster.

These Tahitian oysters have a sharp band of black that characterizes them.

Natural pearls are extremely rare and can be found in only one among 10,000 oysters.

Naturally occurring pearls are very, very rare and therefore not reliable for commercial production. Therefore, most of the pearls that are produced these days are produced artificially.

These are refer to as cultured pearls or farm-made pearls. To produce a cultured pearl, an irritant is artificially implanted inside the oyster for mimicking the natural process of pearl formation.

About 99% of the pearls you will find across the world are cultured pearls that are formed in this way.

The oldest specimen of pearl necklace that was ever discover in history was collect from the sarcophagus dated 350 BCE that belong to an ancient Persian princess.

This pearl necklace was discover in 1901. When archaeologists discover the oldest known pearl necklace quite by chance in the ancient city of Susa in Iran.

The woman was find wearing the pearl necklace along with many other gold ornaments. Most of these pearls disintegrate when they were touch by the team of archaeologists.

Finding the right kind of pearls may seem to be a bit hard work on your part. But one that is going to deliver you the best results. Make sure that you buy pearls online as this can offer you easy access to some of the finest products.


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