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How To Oil Emerald Gemstone At Home


Emerald Gemstone

Emerald stone is a counted being one of the most valuable stones among all the precious stones. The vivid green color and awestruck luster of this gemstone raises the overall standard of this stone. However, this stone does not look exceptional, especially, the time when it is mined or excavated from an old mine.

In fact, It looks extremely rough, large and dull in its appearance that it needs to be treated or enhanced in a particular manner to make it look fascinating and usable. A natural emerald stone is pervaded with a lot of fissures and cracks when extracted from the mines. Hence, before displaying it to the real world, it needs to be treated or enhanced in such a manner so that it looks appealing.

How to Oil Emerald At Home

Therefore, raw emeralds are enhanced with oil treatment, resin treatment or wax treatment to make it look more attractive. From the above-listed treatment, oil treatment is the most feasible treatment which gives Emerald smooth, lucid and balanced surface. Oiling covers all fissures, and cracks that persist over the Emerald surface and relinquish it an attractive appearance.

Even one can use oil treatment over an old Emerald stone that have lost its shine and broke the surface. This process is called re-oiling and re-waxing. One can also perform the oil treatment at home. To find out how to oil emerald gemstone at home read the below points:

Before applying the oil on the emerald stone, immerse the stone in water to cleanse dirt, grime from the surface of the stone. Use a soft cotton cloth to dampen the stone. Rub the stone with a soft cotton cloth until its surface becomes brighter and cleaner. Now, leave the stone for some time to get dried off water from it.

Now pour pure cedar oil in a big plastic or glass container. Keep the quantity of oil as much so that stone totally gets drenched in the cedar oil. Do not use any other oil apart from cedar and make sure that oil is pure because using adulteration oil will destroy the quality of the stone.

Put the emerald stone in the oil container and roll it such a manner so that all its faces are soaked with cedar oil. Cover its all facets and keep the stone in the container for at least 8 hours to completely dissolve the stone in oil.

Now, take out the stone from the oil container and put it on a soft folded cloth. Do not try to damp the stone immediately; let the stone absorb all the oil applied on it to seal fissures and holes that appeared over its surface.


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