Lucky Birthstone For May Born People

Lucky Birthstone For May Born People


Are you a person born in the month of May? If so, then you should definitely wear the gemstone of Emerald as it can be very lucky for you. The emerald birthstone vibrates to the energies of the planet Mercury, which is associated with intelligence, communication, commerce, deftness in thinking and eloquence of speech.

Wearing the emerald gemstone is not only going to make you a brilliant communicator. But it can also help you to develop your intuition greatly. So that you can achieve success in social situations.

It is, therefore, no wonder that astrologers often recommend. This stone to students and academics that are looking to achieve success in their school or college life. And would benefit greatly from having enhanced mental faculties such as intelligence and memory.

Emeralds Birthstone Can Help You To Brighten Your Career Prospects

Wearing an emerald green stone can transform your life completely. By providing you with mental dexterity that you need. When you are looking to achieve success with your career.

If you are looking to work in fields such as the media, journalism, creative writing, online marketing, salesperson, commerce, business management, lawyer or a teacher. Then you will be able to easily further your career prospects by wearing an emerald stone.

Since emerald can actually enhance your powers of communication. you will be able to make witty and smart use of language that will not only help you to keep your audience entertained but also well-informed.

Many entertainers, public speakers, orators, and politicians wear emeralds since these stones can help them to sharpen their language and communication skills. They can also focus on speaking in a way that helps to influence others in an effective way.

Wearing An Emerald Birthstone Can Make You A Great Writer

Emeralds can also help you a lot when you want to sharpen your writing skills. Just like speaking, writing is also a powerful method of communicating your thoughts and feelings.

However, it comes with its own rules and concepts which means that if you want writing to be as good as your speaking skills, then you need to follow a different approach from what you would normally do with speaking.

Wearing the emerald stone can actually help you to develop the creative skills needed to become a good writer. You will not only be good with words but you can also focus on doing a lot of research works and fact-finding which can help you further to enhance the quality of your written work.

You can also come up with innovative methods to come up with writings that immediately appeal to your target audience.

Emeralds Can Sharpen Your Social Skills

Emeralds can also have a positive impact on your social skills and develop your ability to strike engaging conversations with just about anyone.

If you are looking to bond with new friends and keep them entertained for a long time. You should definitely wear an emerald as it can definitely help you to have witty conversations with men and women of all ages.

Emerald stone can also help you to have an open mind for just about anything, which means that you can certainly explore a lot of ideas and interests. People will simply love to talk with you as you can speak with them regarding just about anything under the sun.

Buying An Emerald For Your Personal Use

When you are looking to buy an emerald gemstone ring. Make sure that you only stick to the most reputable stores that can get you reliable products. This also applies to you even if you choose to buy emerald online. on

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