Have A Look At Gemstone Wedding Anniversary Chart & Gems

Wedding Anniversary holds an important place in the lives of all married people. This special day reminds them of the commencement of their wedding nuptials. Over the years, marriage anniversaries have been evolved a lot. People have become more tentative toward celebrating this special event of their lives.

Considering the enthusiasm among the couples to celebrate their memorable day, companies have become more innovative and their effort to introduce new gifting ideas in the market.

However, since wedding anniversaries are one of the most beautiful & memorable days in the life of a couple. And on the account of this memorable day, they pray to god for the well-being and longevity of their partner.

So keeping their that concern in mind, we have come up with a unique gifting option which they can present to their better half to assuring their well-being and infusing unrequited love in their married lives.

Have you heard about gemstones? If, yes, then you would be knowing that there are several gemstones that ensure happiness, bliss, and harmony in married life.

Since there are numerous gemstones, thus, all these stones can’t be worn at once. Therefore, as per astrology, different gemstones are being classified to be worn at different stages of your life or wedding anniversary.

To make the matter simple, we have created a chart that will help you in guiding that which gemstone you should wear at different stages of your wedding anniversary. Take a look…


1st Year Anniversary: Gemstone

2nd Year Anniversary: Gold Gemstone Jewelry

3rd Year Anniversary: Garnet

4th Year Anniversary: Blue Topaz

5th Year Anniversary: Sapphire

6th Year Anniversary: Amethyst

7th Year Anniversary: Black Onyx/Black Agate/Chalcedony

8th Year Anniversary: Tourmaline

9th Year Anniversary: Blue Lapis Lazuli

10th Year Anniversary: Diamond Jewelry

11th Year Anniversary: Turquoise

12th Year Anniversary: Jade

13th Year Anniversary: Citrine

14th Year Anniversary: Opal

15th Year Anniversary: Ruby

16th Year Anniversary: Peridot

17th Year Anniversary: Watches

18th Year Anniversary: Cat’s Eye (Chrysoberyl)

19th Year Anniversary: Aquamarine

20th Year Anniversary: Emerald

21st Year Anniversary: Iolite

22nd Year Anniversary: Spinel

23rd Year Anniversary: Yellow Topaz / Imperial Topaz

24th Year Anniversary: Tanzanite

25th Year Anniversary: Silver Gemstone Jewelry

30th Year Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

35th Year Anniversary: Emerald

40th Year Anniversary: Red Ruby

45th Year Anniversary: Sapphire

50th Year Anniversary: Gold Gemstone Jewelry

55th Year Anniversary: Alexandrite/Color Change Chrysoberyl

60th Year Anniversary: Diamond Jubilee

70th Year Anniversary: Sapphire Jubilee

80th Year Anniversary: Ruby Jubilee

Sunday’s Gemstone: Topaz

Monday’s Gemstone: Pearl

Tuesday’s Gemstone: Red Ruby

Wednesday’s Gemstone: Violet Purple Amethyst

Thursday’s Gemstone: Sapphire

Friday’s Gemstone: Agate – Chalcedony

Saturday’s Gemstone: Turquoise

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