How To Identify And Buy Turquoise Stone Online


People who have affection with gemstones often worry about the authenticity of the gemstones they purchase. And, this fear or worry increases manifolds, if a person is going to purchase precious stones alike turquoise stone, blue sapphire, rubies, and emerald, etc.. Because these stones are immensely expensive and they also carry celestial powers along with them. Hence, to obtain these divine powers one should buy only certified precious gemstones.

How to Identify Turquoise stone

Unfortunately, nowadays it has become extremely hard to find a gem seller or distributor online who in reality sells original turquoise stone or other precious stones. There are plethoras of gem sellers or manufacturer exists in the gem market who sells synthetic turquoise stone or other precious gemstones labeling it as a natural or certified gemstone.

Thus, it really becomes a cumbersome task for a buyer to spot out accurately that who is selling natural or genuine turquoise stones and who is selling fake or synthetic turquoise stone.

Now, after reading the above paragraph a question that might pop up in the minds of the buyer that is it harmful to wear synthetic or lab-created turquoise stone over natural turquoise? So, here we would like to clarify that it is okay to go with colored turquoise stone because these stones are attractive and less expensive as compared to the original turquoise stone which is far more expensive than lab-created turquoise stone stones.

So the reason why we are writing this guide is to at least make you aware of the kind of stone you are paying for. Secondly, there is numerous number of fake gem sellers who deceive their customers by selling them fake stones labeling it as natural gemstones. Hence, it becomes essential to expose such kind of gem sellers or manufacturer in front of you and let you be conscious about the kind of stone you are paying for. So here are some points on how to identify and buy turquoise stone online.

Hence, for the sake of buying natural turquoise, you can go through these basic factors to decide whether turquoise is genuine or fake.

Buy Natural Gemstones online
Buy Natural Gemstones online

Look for Tiny Bubbles or Inclusions

A synthetic or lab-created turquoise stone will contain several inclusions that can be seen with the naked eyes or using a magnifier. One of the most common types of inclusion that you will encounter in synthetic stone is tiny bubbles. You will see some tiny bubbles flaunting around the surface of stone during a close watch. Contrarily, in case of genuine turquoise stone you won’t spot any inclusions with naked eyes, however, with magnifier you may spot some inclusions but that too in minimal numbers.

Check for Scratches

The hardness of the real turquoise stone is around 5-6 on the Mohs scale which means that the gemstone is hard and it is difficult to spot any scratch on it. On the other hand, a synthetic turquoise stone is manufactured in a lab using glass material. So gentle rubbing of this stone against a hard material would impose scratches over the stone.

Note the Shape or Cut of the Turquoise

As previously been mentioned that turquoise stone is a rigid gemstone. So, it is hard to cut this stone in different shapes or styles. On the other hand, a synthetic or lab-created turquoise stone is composed of glass so it can be easily molded into different shapes or styles. So, a natural turquoise stone has more complex cuts that are sharp and crisp.

Consider the Price of Turquoise stone

While buying turquoise stone does consider the price of it. Since natural stone is rare, so arguably it will be more expensive than synthetic one. Hence, if a gem dealer knowingly or unknowingly does not disclose the identification of stone to you whether it is a natural turquoise or synthetic turquoise stones, but the price is relatively low.

Then, it is most likely a synthetic turquoise stone.

However, most of the gem sellers try to deceive their buyer by selling them fake turquoise stone as natural. Thus, one should aside of price also pay attention to different aspects of the turquoise.


A natural turquoise stone will contain few inclusions or flaws because these are natural and untreated gemstones. So, it is quite acceptable to spot a few minor inclusions around the surface of real stone. On the other hand, a synthetic turquoise stone will be made in labs and intensively heated and treated so it is hard to find any inclusions within it.

Buy Natural Gemstones online
Buy Natural Gemstones online

Touch Test:

To check out whether a turquoise stone is genuine or not put a turquoise stone in your palm for some time. If keeping the turquoise stone in your palm stones temperature increases gradually, it means that sapphire is synthetic or not real. On the contrary to this, a natural or genuine turquoise stone temperature will remain cool the touch during this entire process.

Color and Shine of the Turquoise stone

Since a synthetic turquoise stone is treated or heated in the lab rigorously for a specific period of time. Hence, it will obtain immense brightness and luster as compared to real turquoise stone. A real turquoise stone is mostly not being treated or heated to upscale its color and appearance. While the natural turquoise stone will appear beautiful but possess less shine than synthetic ones.


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