Guide To Buy Turquoise Gemstone

Turquoise has been a treasured gemstone for thousands of years. It has been mined since ancient ages in countries like America, China, and Egypt. The native of these countries had held high regards for this stone. They believed that wearing turquoise stone protects its wearer against natural calamities and unnatural death and disaster. Even in present time, this stone has been highly valued for its amazing divine powers.

It is believed that wearing turquoise gemstone will enhance wisdom, reason-ability kindness and serenity. However, to gain all these powers in your life; you must buy a real turquoise stone. But it is quite tenacious to buy real turquoise stone, and for that, therefore, a guide to buy turquoise gemstone will help you just follow these steps while buying turquoise gemstone.


Keep in mind the difference between the real and fake turquoise stone.

Natural turquoise is an expensive stone which is composed of aluminum, copper, phosphate hydrate formed under the extreme heat and light. There is an abundant quantity of water persist inside the structure of this stone. Therefore, it is quite soft in nature and in order to enhance its durability. It needs some kind of treatments such as heat treatment or color treatment to improve its quality.

However, to distinguish between the real and fake turquoise stone. One should look at the color of this stone. A natural turquoise stone will display irregular color patterns on the other hand, a fake or treated turquoise stone will show the uniform color pattern.

A natural turquoise stone is porous and soft in nature due to the presence of water. On the other hand, a synthetic turquoise stone will be hard in nature.

One must put this in his/her mind that all turquoise stones are stabilized in some form to make jewelry. Therefore, you must ask your jeweler about the treatments applied to the turquoise stone. It is mandatory for the jeweler to deliberately mention the number of treatments this stone has undergone. He/ she is legally bound to provide you all the details about the treatments or enhancements.


Always buy turquoise stone from a reputable gem dealer or seller who has earned name and popularity in the gem market. Always give preference to those gem sellers, especially when you are buying turquoise online who outrightly mention origin, enhancements, and price of the stone.

Do not pay heed to those gem sellers who try to hide important details about the stone. Furthermore, give preference to those gem sellers who have a large collection of gemstones and issue certificates along with the stone.


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