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Emerald Stone difference between Colombian, Brazilian & Zambian

Emerald Stone difference between Colombian, Brazilian & Zambian
Emerald Stone difference between Colombian, Brazilian & Zambian

The Emerald gemstone has always been regard highly in numerous cultures all across the world . It is quite easy to see why. The bright green color of the emeralds has a mesmerizing impact on any observer. It is also  have a positive benefits for the mind and body. If Emerald gemstone Wearing close to the body then ii will be bring mental tranquility and inner peace.

This are also known as the Panna stone.This is produce from numerous mines in all parts of the world. Among the various locations that are most well known for producing emeralds, the ones that deserve special mention are Colombia, Zambia, and Brazil.

Colombian Emerald Stone

Colombian emerald gemstones are rear from the Colombian mines in South America. The mines in Columbia produce most of the emeralds that are sold in the global market. Colombian emeralds actually have 70% to 90% coverage of the global emerald market. The Colombian Emeralds also enjoy the maximum popularity among consumers all over the world due to their top-grade quality. The commercial-grade emeralds tend to be available in large numbers. On the other hand, while the extra fine quality stones are very rare.

Brazilian Emerald Stone

As the high quality, Colombian Panna stones usually come at a steep price. Mostly consumers prefer to go for affordable emeralds that are produce in Brazil. Ever since the early 1960s, the Brazilian Emerald stones have capture the imagination of popular culture.

The first samples of Brazilian Emerald gemstone were mined in Brazil somewhere around the year 1920. Over the years, Brazil has emerge as a leading player in the global emerald market.Nowadays Brazil stones are in great demand all over the world. From the early parts of 1980, emeralds have been mined in various locations of Brazil. such as Itabera in the Minais Gerais, Nova Era close to Itabera and Santa Teresinha in the Goias.

These areas now offer some of the finest Brazilian Emeralds for the local and international markets. Many of the Brazilian emeralds are as good as the ones that are produced in Columbia.

Zambian Emerald Stone

The Zambian emeralds are also known all over the world for its surprisingly good quality. Ever since the earliest times, Zambia has been known to be a rich source for different kinds of gemstones. The Zambia country which is locate in the southern regions of Africa has emerge as one of the finest destinations. The Zambia country is production Emerald  over the years.

Zambian Emerald stones usually have a saturated shade of green when compare to their Colombian counterparts. Large scale mining for emerald began in Zambia many years ago. This has led Zambia to become a major exporter of emeralds for the global market.

what is the differences between the Colombian emeralds, Zambian emeralds, and Brazilian emeralds.

Price range

The Colombian emeralds are by far the most expensive variants of emeralds. The Zambian and Brazilian are not most expensive. According to price after Colombian emerald the follow by the Brazilian emeralds and then the Zambian emeralds.


The general type of inclusions that an emerald may have depend on the location of the mines from where they are produce. Colombian emeralds usually have more inclusions in general. The Zambian and Brazilian emeralds have less inclusions as comparison to Colombian Emerald.


Colombian, Brazilian and Zambian emeralds are difference in colors.The Colombian emeralds obtain their distinct shade of green from trace amounts of chromium. The Brazilian emeralds mainly get their distinct color from small traces of vanadium. The Zambian emeralds, on the other hand, get their green color from deposits of iron.

The Brazilian emeralds usually have a hint of slight gray or brown cast on them. The Brazilian Emerald  have pure green only on some rare occasions. The Zambian emeralds gemstone tend to appear rather blue because of the prominent presence of iron.


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