Yellow sapphire stone

Difference Between Yellow Sapphire And Yellow Topaz Stone

Yellow sapphire and yellow topaz, both fall extremely popular stones.  People love to wear these stones in various jewelry forms such as necklace, rings, and pendants. In fact, due to their commendable physical and metaphysical properties, people often use these stones for astrological reasons, especially yellow sapphire stone.

It is being said that yellow sapphire stone belongs to the substantial and lucky planet, Jupiter. Jupiter signifies true love, fortune, wisdom, spirituality and wealth. Thus, wearing this stone can prove propitious for its wearer. Similarly, the ascendants of zodiac sign Sagittarius are being advised to wear this stone since yellow sapphire is termed being the birthstone of Sagittarius.

Alike yellow sapphire, topaz is also considered as the birthstone of the month November so all those people who born under this month should wear yellow topaz to attain positive results in their lives altogether.

Now coming back to the difference between yellow sapphire and yellow topaz stone:

  1. The Yellow sapphire is a precious gemstone. By precious stone, we mean that it is a rare stone very hard to obtain. Due to this, it is being sold at a higher price. Contrary to this, yellow topaz is a semi-precious stone and is easily found across the world; therefore, it is sold at a lower price as compared to yellow sapphire.
  2. The Yellow sapphire belongs to corundum family, which is a rich quality mineral.
  3. Yellow topaz is composed of silicate mineral which is not as valuable as yellow sapphire stone.
  4. Yellow sapphire stone is more expensive than yellow topaz stone.
  5. On the Mohs scale, durability of yellow sapphire is 9.0 which is exceedingly well than topaz whose hardness or durability ranges between 6 to 7.

Yellow sapphire is denser in color than yellow topaz.

Yellow topaz is the substitute of real yellow sapphire. Many gem sellers sell yellow topaz labeling them as yellow sapphire because it is easily available and lesser in cost.

Wearing yellow sapphire in the form of rings, necklace can bring one astrological benefits, whereas, wearing yellow topaz though carries astrological properties. But, it is not as powerful as natural yellow sapphire stone.


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