Amethyst Gemstone

Benefits Of Amethyst Gemstone – Birthstone Of February Month

Amethyst gemstone is the birthstone of month February. Thus, all those individuals who are born in the month of February should wear this fascinating violet or purple color gemstone. Often regard being the substitute of precious stone blue sapphire; wearing it will bring in the numerous health benefits.

Amethyst stone brings luck, wisdom, prosperity, wealth along with mental bliss, spirituality, mental peace, and humility. To gain all the benefits of amethyst stone you should only wear natural and crystal clear amethyst stone.


Advantages of Amethyst Gemstone -Birthstone of February:

This stone helps to bring advancement in the professional life of those people who work under the following professions such as engineer, surgeon, and mechanics.

The amethyst gemstone is a great healing stone. Wearing it helps you overcome all types of mental disorders such as depression, mental illness, enhances concentration. Along with this, wearing this stone can cure all kinds of disease relate to knee, backbone, and shoulders.

Amethyst is a substitute or alternative of gemstone blue sapphire. As we know that blue sapphire is an expensive gemstone so it is not possible or feasible for everyone to buy this expensive stone.


On the other hand, amethyst is not as much expensive as blue sapphire so you can easily afford it. And, wearing this stone as a substitute of blue sapphire carries all the positive results of the amethyst stone.

Amethyst is the stone suppose to relate with the ancient Greek and Romans. It is being said that in the ancient times, they use to adopt this gemstone to ward-off against serious health diseases as well as to filter out the intoxicating energies from their system.

By far, there are many myths, cultures and religions has been associate with this magnificent gemstone. At the time of the middle ages, it was worn to symbolize Nobility.

Due to its astounding astrological benefits, the amethyst stone is regarded as a benevolent gemstone.

Color Characteristics of Amethyst Stone:

The amethyst stone is a beautiful purple color stone, a beautiful mixture of red and violet that can be found in every corner of the earth.

Best Source of Amethyst Stone:

The amethyst stone can be found everywhere in the world. However, the best quality stones are found in Russia and predominantly used in European jewelry.


While nowadays, Brazil is acknowledge to be the best source of amethyst stone to be extract. Except this stone is found covering a large aspect of the world most probably everywhere, especially in Zambia.

Above all this, a person should seek the advice of an astrologer before wearing this stone as the birthstone of February.


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