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Astrology Behind Gemstones

A natural gemstone may be a pride possession of many gem lovers, but it has a special significance in astrology. Astrological gemstones make it easier for a person to experience success, bliss and many healing benefits that the world of astrology offers. However, to experience the best of astrology in gemstones, it is important to buy an untreated and natural gemstone.

As per Vedic astrology, the nine planets govern special gemstones. Ruby is ruled by the Sun, Pearl is ruled by the Moon, Coral is represented by the Mars, Emerald is represented by the Mercury, Yellow Sapphire is ruled by the Jupiter, Diamond is ruled by the planet Venus, Blue Sapphire is ruled by Saturn, Hessonite is governed by Rahu and Cat’s Eye by Ketu.

In order to reap the benefits that gemstone and astrology bring to the wearer, it is essential to know which special gemstone is beneficial for your birth chart. An experienced astrologer will provide information about the right gemstones which are recommended as per your horoscope.

Let’s take a look at the astrological significance of different gemstones.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby, ruled by the Sun, is believed to bring immense success in the life of the wearer. Ruby gemstone gives a boost to leadership skills and makes the wearer all the more intelligent than before. It also gives relief from stress and anxiety-related problems such as depression, hysteria, and insomnia.

Pearl Stone

The Moon governs the Pearl gemstone. It is believed to remove all the bad effects of the Moon and brings relaxation and tranquillity in the life of the wearer. It increases confidence and memory and treats heart-related ailments.

Coral Gemstone

The planet Mars rules Red Coral gemstone. It improves self-confidence in the wearer and blesses them with bravery and persistence. The gemstone improves blood-related disorders and the functioning of bone marrow. It is also effective in treating body ache, inflammations, pneumonia, cough, and bronchitis, etc.

Emerald Gemstone

As Emerald stone is governed by the planet Mercury which represents wisdom and voice, the gemstone makes the wearer more knowledgeable, communicative and expressive. It also helps in increasing the decision-making capabilities of the wearer and gives freedom from speech-related conditions.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj stone brings intellect, wisdom, wealth, and prosperity. It also improves the functioning of the liver and makes the wearer healthy. For those who don’t easily find love and marital bliss can find the right match by wearing this stone. It is highly recommended for those who are involved in trade and business.


Diamond, the sparkling gemstone, represents the Venus planet. It is said to improve the wealth and health of the wearer. It keeps one away from inferiority complex and brings a sense of overall well-being.

Blue Sapphire

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire brings with it loads of money, good luck, and prosperity. It increases innovation and creativity in the wearer and protects them from adversities, accidents, and dangers. Those who belong to the creative field and covet power, as well as fame, must wear the stunning Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Hessonite Stone

Hessonite is the gemstone of rahu. As Rahu is said to bring troubles in relationships and cause abrupt changes in the life of the native, it is recommended to wear a Hessonite gemstone or Gomed to ward off all the bad effects of the planet and increase the wealth and happiness of the wearer.


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