Alternative That Are Used In Place Of Blue Sapphire(feature)

Alternative Gemstone That Are Used In Place Of Blue Sapphire


Blue gemstones or blue Sapphires are one of the ‘navratnas’ in the Indian gemology system. It is familiar to be a fast-acting gemstone that brings a lot of harmony and prosperity in one’s life. Its distinctive blue color and strong astrological effects. This is a natural combination of the natural metal conundrum. Which gives the gemstone its majestic color.

Owing to the beauty and the texture of the gemstone, the natural blue Sapphire can be very expensive and can cost a bomb, which more often than not makes it super expensive for average buyers. However, if there is astrology involve in the buying of the gemstone, you cannot avoid buying it, even if it costs a lot. In most cases, people, under the supervision of astrologers, ensure that they bought the closest substitute with the same magical capacities.

Here are some of the alternative gemstone that is used in Place Of blue sapphire that will have similar effects on the wearer:

Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstone is stone for February born people and rule the planet Uranus, the gemstone is also refers to as Jamuniya and Billor. It has magical powers, similar to that of blue sapphire and bestows a lot of goodness on the wearer.

The Greeks and the Romans used to carve goblets out of them to store alcohol as it was believe to control the effects of alcohol. Varying from deep purple to pink, violet, the gemstone gives a rating of 7 on the mohs scale of hardness. It is much cheaper than Blue Sapphire and still has the effects of the Blue Sapphire.

Blue Topaz

The 4th-anniversary gemstone is a popular substitute of the blue sapphire and  said to remove the malefic effects of the planet Saturn. It enhances the communication of the wearer and makes them fluent in it. And  specifically good for the introvert who cannot excel for lack of communication skills.

The effects of the gemstone are proliferate when it is worn in the 4th anniversary of any occasion. One of the most beautiful gemstones. It is mostly recommend for people who have issues articulating their thoughts.

Astrological benefits of Blue Topaz and amethyst

Much cheaper than Blue Sapphire cost, these substitutes of natural blue sapphires exhibit similar characteristics of the real gemstone. Some of them are:

• It protects the wearer from psychic bouts.

• Both the substitutes convert the adverse energies into positive energies.

• They both soothe the mind and increase concentration.

• Amethysts prevent the wearer from committing.

• These magical gemstones increase concentration and soothe the mind.

• Amethyst stone prevents the wearers from committing a crime, rooted from hatred and envious intentions for others.

• Blue Topaz helps in getting rid of insomnia and provides a peaceful sleep.

• They cure problems of the thyroid gland.

• These gemstones also reduce a person’s dependency on alcohol.

• They provide prosperity to trade and businesses, especially the ones dealing in iron, coal, law, jury, oil, fuel, etc.

• The gemstones eliminate misunderstandings and enhance love and understanding between spouses.

• Amethyst is also known as the stone of friendship.

• The substitutes also take care of the overall health of knees, backbone, shoulders, feet, legs, hair, etc.

You can buy blue sapphire online or you can also order for its substitutes, but ensure that you have the certificate of authenticity from the dealer. Also, make sure that the gemstones you are dealing with is authentic and real and do not trust anyone who claims to sell natural blue sapphire gemstone, without providing the certificate of authenticity.

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