All about blue sapphire gemstone

All About Blue Sapphire Gemstone


Blue Sapphire belongs to the sapphire group of natural gemstones which also comprises of the white and yellow variety. Sapphires are one of the most valuable and precious gemstones belonging to the mineral corundum variety consisting of aluminium oxide and with traces of iron, titanium, chromium, copper and magnesium. Blue sapphire as they suggest is a typically blue stone. The best color for blue Sapphire is called Royal blue. It is usually found in a medium to dark tone.

Blue sapphire is a common and popular gemstone known for healing benefits. Generally, blue sapphires are natural gemstones and they are cut and polished into gemstones and worn in jewelry.

Blue Sapphire is also popularly known as Neelam stone in India. It is one of the strongest and the rapidly acting gemstones. Anyone in need of healing whether physical or mental should wear Sapphire gemstone.

For various people, it showed an instant beneficial effect of blue sapphire by way of advancement in wealth, resolution to a problem, windfall gain. Blue Sapphire, when combined with other stones, helps to remedy and fight bone cancer, kidney trouble, nerve disease and paralysis. Apart from medical benefits, it also brings the wearer wealth, fame, a good name, health, happiness, prosperity, a long life, mental peace, and good children.

However, care must be taken when wearing a blue sapphire gemstone. One should avoid wearing sapphire which has traces of milky effect in its blue colour. This is considered as a flaw in the stone and can bring about the harm of position, difficulties to kids in the family and other issues like having fevers, financial and business losses, falling into debts and relationship problems.

Blue Sapphires are found in very few places around the world today. They are mainly found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Kashmir region of India. Some of the best quality sapphires were known to be found in Sri Lanka and Kashmir. However, today not much is available from the Kashmir region. Apart from these places, they are found in Vietnam (Cambodia), Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, Tanzania, US and Brazil.

The blue sapphire is one of the most precious stone and therefore care must be taken to buy them. They must be purchased only from reputable dealers both online and offline as they do not give fake gemstones and give guarantee for purity. One must also ensure to check the dealer’s authenticity and reviews or experience of the customers who have previously purchased gemstones from this company in case purchase is made online.

Blue Sapphire is known as the birthstone for September month and is related to the planet Saturn. The Saturn is considered as the fastest acting planet in the solar system and it has had immense powers to affect the lives of all human beings either in positive or negative ways depending upon its planetary position. It also signifies wealth, fortune, health, financial status, fame.

It is also known as the birthstone of Capricorn zodiac sign, even though it is acknowledged to be the birthstone for September. Thus, individuals who are either born under the month of September or Capricorn can wear this precious gemstone to ensure wealth, luck, happiness, love and financial wellness.

Blue sapphire has many properties owing to which it is not restricted to just Capricorn or September native. Anyone who belongs to any other zodiac sign can wear this stone after consulting an astrologer who can then recommend it’s use based on the position of the birth chart.

This stone is said to bring positive effects in the life of those ascendant that is affected by Saturn malefic events in life. This stone should be worn during major period of Saturn as strongly positioned Saturn will redirect wellness, wealth, prosperity, name, fame, popularity and good fortune toward the life of its native.
Blue sapphire can be worn in a ring which should be of silver, the stone is embedded in the silver ring in such a way so that a part of stone touches the skin to in order to transmit its positive energy in the life of a person.

High-quality blue sapphire gemstones weighing over 2 carats prices increase substantially. Its price varies from $50 to $500 depending on its quality, size and colour.


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