Health benefits of Blue Sapphire | Health benefits of Blue Sapphire


It is one of the fast-acting gemstones that brings huge amount of benefits to the wearer and comprises of corrective forces and capabilities that help one in fighting illness and oversees the well being condition of the people who wear it.

 Also referred to as Neelam in Hindi and is a favorite among film stars and even the Royalty. So it is associate with the mysterious planet Saturn, which is associated with one’s luck and prosperity. The position of the planet also decides a person’s well-being and mental peace. However, it is recommend that you first understand the position of Saturn in your horoscope and the quality of the Blue Sapphire gemstone that you wear.

The Astrological Fact Behind The Blue sapphire

It is important to study the position of the planet Saturn. Moreover, one should know the ramifications (effects) of wearing the gemstone without any reason. Incidentally, Saturn is connect with the infections of hearing, teeth, and vitamins. It also controls lifespan and mental discipline, good power, and natural considering.

Issues with the position of Saturn can lead to dejection, cynicism, lack of self-confidence, bronchitis, craziness, and stiffness in the muscle and joints. Saturn rules the sensory system and can lead to constant illness as it is the slowest moving planet.

Blue Sapphire Benefits

Blue Sapphire bring good health to the people who wear it. But the Vedic science of crystal gazing has join mystifying planets with a distinct gemstone. It impacts the mental peace of the brain and also endures the brain’s positive energy. The gemstone oversees the brain and removes mental tension and depressions.

It helps in increasing the level of concentration and bring positive energy to one’s life. It increases the strength of the mind, the sensory organs, and the sensory system. It is said to open the Ajna Chakra in the body and manages the pituitary organs, imagination, and creative ability.

It is an intense stone and it shows prompt action to the wearer. It is, therefore, important to get a certificate of authenticity from a reputable gem lab before wearing the gemstone and  best to buy the gemstone from a certified dealer or buy online blue Sapphire to get the best effect on one’s health and mental well-being.

Precautions That Need To Taken While Wearing Them

  1. Ensure that the stone is worn on a Saturday and can wear only after performing a pooja (worship of planet Saturn)
  2. If the gemstone has a negative effect in the first few days, it can  remove immediately.

Pearl and Ruby can not wear with the Blue Sapphire gemstone. If the Blue Sapphire gemstone is not available, one can wear Amethyst, Blue Topaz or Black star.


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