5 Steps To Tell If An Amethyst Is Real Or Fake

5 Steps To Tell If An Amethyst Is Real Or Fake, The purple color amethyst stone is extremely popular among the gem lovers. It is found in a variety of shades and colors. It is often regarded to be the perfect substitute of the natural blue sapphire gemstone. This semi-precious stone is well-known worldwide for its excellent healing properties. The other reason behind its popularity is that it is considered to be the birthstone of month February.

Seeing the popularity and uprising demand of this stone among the people; many fake gem sellers are busy in creating a specimen of this stone in laboratories. Several gem sellers are cheating buyers by providing them synthetic amethyst stone in the name of original amethyst.

Therefore, one should be vigilant about these fake gemstone dealers. However, in first sight, it is hard for an individual to distinguish between a fake and real amethyst stone.

Therefore, read the following guide before buying this stone to easily distinguish between synthetic and real amethyst stone.

The color of  gemstone will not be consistent throughout its structure. It will have some inconsistencies which prove that the gemstone is real. On the other hand, if you come across this natural  stone which has a consistent color throughout its structure, then it would definitely be a fake stone.

These real stone will be crystal clear and have almost no inclusions then it would be a real stone. On the other hand, if you come across an amethyst, which have bubbles or impurities traced inside its structure, then they would be fake or synthetic stone.

This  gemstone is easy to cut. Therefore, this precious stone is not found in a wide variety of shapes. The popular cuts of this stone are pear cut, heart cut, emerald cut, round cut and oval cut. To check out whether amethyst is pure or not, examine the cut of the stone, if amethyst is cut in round cut.

If there seem to be color variations in the structure of stone, then it would be called as real amethyst stone. On the other hand, if a gemstone has not color variation, then it simply indicates that stone is fake.

Check The Specific Gravity of Amethyst:

By specific gravity jewelers mean the rough density of a gemstone. And in case of amethyst the rough density is 2.65. So, in case you want to check whether your amethyst is real or fake, so measure its specific gravity. If it comes out to be 2.65 then it is real otherwise its synthetic stone.

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Check The Durability of  Stone:

By durability we mean the hardness of a stone. The hardness of all minerals can be measured between 1 to 10. And the hardness of amethyst stone is 7.0 on Mohs scale. So to check out whether your amethyst is real or fake, you can do this test.

Seek the Professional Advice:

However, even after taking all the steps, if you are not sure whether amethyst is real or fake. So pay a visit to a renowned gemologist of your town or jeweler. They will let you know whether your stone is real or fake after testing it.

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